Tuesday, July 5, 2011

floor-length fabric

Finally putting up pictures of this dress. I finished it about a month ago, maybe two now. I didn't use a pattern as it's a fairly simple dress, which it didn't turn out to be when I started making it as always happens. I really shouldn't have sewn the black jersey bandeau section straight onto the skirt, darts would have been great here but I only realized I wanted them after the deed was done. The barely-visible ruching in place of the darts does its job and keeps that area a little more fitted.
The bandeau is black jersey, the skirt is cotton. I love this green fabric - so glad I was able to bargain it off of a market seller in Tel Aviv several years ago. I held onto it all this time thinking of the right project, and this is perfect because it's left basically untouched and it's possible to see the pattern without being too overwhelmed.
I thought these glasses were great with the dress, I like the strange round shape with the long basic maxi.
More on the bag soon - this is my latest creation!