Monday, November 7, 2011

leopard print

This is the bag I made last spring and haven't had a chance to use yet this season. And it's in leopard print (obviously), and I hate animal pattern but it works so well with this bag.

I was inspired to make a bag from reading Bag'n-telle, which is an incredible bag resource. This site has many detailed tutorials including the faux fur shoulder bag, which is what I followed to make this bag. The tutorial was very clear and beautifully detailed.

Fabric shopping for this project was a lot of fun as I'm always itching to go through the faux fur section and rarely have any reason to. As soon as I touched this fabric at Winmill Fabrics I was sold. I was determined to become the crazy bag-stroking lady on the T. This project was also a great learning experience because I used polyester padding/interfacing sandwiched in between the faux fur and the lining. I also used stay-tape for the first time to prevent the faux fur from fraying at the edges.

I've used this bag tons of times and I love it.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

floor-length fabric

Finally putting up pictures of this dress. I finished it about a month ago, maybe two now. I didn't use a pattern as it's a fairly simple dress, which it didn't turn out to be when I started making it as always happens. I really shouldn't have sewn the black jersey bandeau section straight onto the skirt, darts would have been great here but I only realized I wanted them after the deed was done. The barely-visible ruching in place of the darts does its job and keeps that area a little more fitted.
The bandeau is black jersey, the skirt is cotton. I love this green fabric - so glad I was able to bargain it off of a market seller in Tel Aviv several years ago. I held onto it all this time thinking of the right project, and this is perfect because it's left basically untouched and it's possible to see the pattern without being too overwhelmed.
I thought these glasses were great with the dress, I like the strange round shape with the long basic maxi.
More on the bag soon - this is my latest creation!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

tel aviv

My recent trip to Tel Aviv. Many warm beaches, loud streets, good food, palm trees, long talks, bars, buses, late nights and stray cats.
I found myself in areas of Tel Aviv I never knew existed, it's like I turned a corner and all of a sudden the houses were huge and the architecture beautiful. I love Tel Aviv, but to me it's much better for it's life and energy than it's beauty. Maybe I'll be proved wrong..
I wore so many dresses I'm happy to return and have a reason to wear jeans again. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Fishing in May.
Disclaimer - the fish were thrown back in the water alive and well.

 Complete with bird eggs!

Friday, May 6, 2011


Ever since watching Exit Through the Gift Shop I've had a different view of graffiti and graffiti artists. Here are a couple local inspirations

"Danger toxic debt". Whoever did this to my local BofA ATM: I want in
Pretty quality so far as bathroom stall art goes, notice no hearts

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Some random photos from the last few months:

Glasses, hair and henna

Look at the resemblance between the lit windows and the decorative tree lights

I love brick walls indoors

April 1st

Monday, May 2, 2011

tank and stripes

I made this tank a few weeks ago, those days when it was still freezing and the more summer clothing I made the colder it got.. and I never did make that sweater I was intending to make..
This is the classic drawstring tank, the third one like this that I made. The drawstring straps are simple to make and I like the looseness of the tank - it's fun to wear. The fabric is a cotton blend, a little thick and a little transparent at the same time.
Wearing it with thrifted phard jeans, gap sweater, old shoes and random bag.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Tim Burton exhibit

Photos from my mini road-trip to Toronto.
So there's a pretty big cow theme here.  Which I didn't realize until looking at these photos.
We got lucky and it was a beautiful day - we got to wander all over the city.
The people were chill and friendly, the apparent jay-walking rules were bizarre, the city was big but not too dense and carlsberg wasn't a specialty beer.
It was a good trip.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

new york citeh

These are a summary of my trip to nyc last weekend.
There were broken umbrellas and puddles everywhere after all the rain. I saw an intact ice cream cone lying in a pool of water on the sidewalk and very much regret not getting a photo. But what can you do. I'll have to keep my eye out in the future.