Monday, November 7, 2011

leopard print

This is the bag I made last spring and haven't had a chance to use yet this season. And it's in leopard print (obviously), and I hate animal pattern but it works so well with this bag.

I was inspired to make a bag from reading Bag'n-telle, which is an incredible bag resource. This site has many detailed tutorials including the faux fur shoulder bag, which is what I followed to make this bag. The tutorial was very clear and beautifully detailed.

Fabric shopping for this project was a lot of fun as I'm always itching to go through the faux fur section and rarely have any reason to. As soon as I touched this fabric at Winmill Fabrics I was sold. I was determined to become the crazy bag-stroking lady on the T. This project was also a great learning experience because I used polyester padding/interfacing sandwiched in between the faux fur and the lining. I also used stay-tape for the first time to prevent the faux fur from fraying at the edges.

I've used this bag tons of times and I love it.

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