Tuesday, November 5, 2013

eyes like glass

another week another species...

the saw whet owl is a tiny little thing around 8 inches tall and full grown and cute but flapped it's wings at us and did not seem happy we have 2 resident swans now! i tried to hold the grown one down last week and couldn't do it they are large and apparently stronger than me black squirrel this time we're down to our last squirrels of the season only two to feed thanks for lacerating my hands real good guys held a pigeon while E removed puss from a boil and felt the room go really hot and nausea set in and E said so we had this other girl hold him earlier and she almost fainted well i know i was off my game but maybe the common denominator this time is the bird overall a good evening still just everything that happens sends me on a spiral like that time i will never forget when i was pulling tape off the ground and it was easy for a while and then it got hard and i stopped and he said you just quit when it got rough but not this time

in other weekly news cooked beef in the slow cooker this week for the first time in my life which felt really good and tasted nearly as good also found free kindle checkhov and finally maybe solved how best to spend the time suck that is the nyc subway